Sunday, March 21, 2010

The past week...

Sorry everyone. Earlier in the week when I tried to post I was having some internet connection issues and it wouldn't let me.

So over the last week I have been tring my best to get out and walk or run as much as I can and I think it has paid off...I am down another 2 lbs and was able to shave 8 minutes off of my 5km run. I was so happy. I was able to run pretty much the whole way out to morrison line except for one very short walk. That was very encouraging for me.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

So I just got back from a run with Jeff...well he biked while I ran. It kinda felt like a Rocky training camp (or like I was following my Mii, for those who like the wii fit.) He pushed me to run more, and for the couple times I had to stop and walk, he made sure it wasn't for long.

I haven't been for a run in almost a week now and was a little worried I wouldn't be able to keep up but all was good. I would like to get out a couple more times this weekend so I am hoping for some good weather.

Also I have lost 8lbs so far but seeing as I have slacked a little this week I won't be suprised if I stay at that for another week.

Till next time...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mashed cauliflower does NOT taste like mashed potatoes. I don't care what Tosca Reno says!!! And trying to whip them with beaters leads to BIG mess!!!!

Keep it up.....

Hey everyone...
So I have decided to suck it up and start running outside more. I have been able to run 5.2 km in 45 minutes which I don't think is too bad to start off with. My goal is to get that time down to 35 minutes by May. Then start working on distance.

I have also reciently started following the weight watchers point system. It REALLY makes you aware of your portion controls and what you eat throughout the day. I am quite amazed at the amount I was eating before and not really feeling full ( or toooo full) and what I eat now and feel full. ( or as they like to say...satisfied)

Today I also went for a walk on my lunch to enjoy the sunshine. I think I may start doing that a little more often because It really gave me a boost for my afternoon.

Tonight we needed garbage tags so what the heck, I got on my runners and ran up to Macs to get some tags. I think the man working thought I was nuts coming in huffing and puffing...:)

Until next time ...I hope this inspires some of you to get out and get moving!!!! ;P

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well I just got back from my run this morning and I am slightly confused...I ran the exact same time as I did yesterday...huh...and I know that I ran more today then yesterday and I thought I set a pretty good pace and kept my walking speed up. I must have ran at a slower pace but sustained longer...oh well...

I really like the feeling you get when you are about to lose your legs and something comes over you and you can suddenly run 4 more blocks? Some may call that a runners high but I don't know if that is really what I am experiencing...?

Also running outdoors is way more exciting...


This is my inspiration board I stare at every time I run on the treadmill. Everything on this board represents something special to me especially this one to the right. Because my mom battled Breast cancer two times at such a young age, and we know that regular exercise and staying healthy decreases your chances of breast cancer, why not try to do everything you can to be preventative.
It was so nice yesterday afternoon I decided to get outside for a run. I chose to go from my house out to morrison line and back. I did it in just under 45 minutes. I definately can beat that time but it was a lot windier on the way back and I found myself walking more. I haven't been outside yet this morning but I woud like to do it again this morning and see what my time is.
But...looking outside and seeing frost on the car and on the trees, I may wait a bit longer to see if it warms up at all...

till next time.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey everyone,

So I haven't posted in a little while but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy...well maybe not as busy as I should be but anyhow.

So I played Snowpitch on the weekend and that really put me out of commission for a couple days. My legs were almost too sore to even walk so I had to put the running on hold for a couple days.

Last night I did strictly abs and by the way they felt this morning I think it was a bit of a waste of time. Obviously I need to ramp that up a bit. Tonight I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I tried to increase my running time to 2 min run; 1 minute walk and seriously by 20 minutes I felt like my legs were gonna fall off so I had to back off . I think it may be a little mind over matter. I am finding myself getting really bored after only 30 minutes. I am looking forward to the weather getting nicer and getting outside to run.....I know, I know lots of people run outside but I am a big baby and find it hard to breath in the cold.

Anyway I feel like I am hitting a bit of a wall and can't seem to get past the 1/2 hour mark. Hopefully I can get past this slump soon.

Till next time...